A Good Deal of Quality


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A Good Deal of Quality

Continuous monitoring of rolling and drawing mill production has become a critical factor in the steel industry. To keep costs for quality control at bay, measurement expert NEXTSENSE developed an affordable profile measurement system ATON Wire – applicable for long products with round cross-section, like wires, bars and tubes.

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Contents of the June issue, 3/2018

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International industry news

Global steel demand continues its broad recovery

worldsteel forecasts global steel demand will increase by 1.8% over 2017 and grow further by 0.7% in 2019


EVRAZ launched new blast furnace at the Nizhny Tagil works

The group has developed and balanced their hot metal and steel capacities at the NTMK iron & steel works


Significant increase in converter availability and safety thanks to new torque support

Italian stainless steel company Acciaierie Valbruna has implemented a new torque support for the AOD converter vessel

Magnetic forces on electrodes and steel bath in the EAF

The computation of the magnetic forces on EAF electrodes and the steel bath is complicated and has not been performed realistically never before

Advanced special steel plant being built in Austria

The groundbreaking ceremony on April 24 marked the official start of the three-year construction phase

Hot rolling

Modernization of the hot strip mill at Tata Steel Port Talbot works

Tata Steel has invested more than £14 million in the modernization of its hot strip mill at Port Talbot, Wales (UK), allowing it to manufacture more higher-value steels for customers

Pipe making

Pipe ID 4.0: process control system for welded pipe plants

A comprehensive process control system features a track and trace system, monitoring of the overall equipment efficiency (OEE), condition monitoring, smart diagnostics and power monitoring

Cold rolling

New reversing cold mill produces first coil at Tyasa in Mexico

The cold mill is designed for a flexible and high-quality production of a diverse range of end products, particularly suitable for small batches

Strip processing

Severstal inaugurates high-performance processing lines

With this project the Russian steelmaker is significantly increasing its output of higher added value products, destined for the construction and white goods industries

Steel Dynamics Inc. to revamp push-pull pickle line at the Columbus, MS (USA) works

After the revamp that pickle line will be the first in the world to use exclusively Umlauf Bridles to transport the strip through the line

Contents of the April issue, 2/2018

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AISTech 2018 – the steel’s premier event in North America

GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS and NEWCAST – the trade fairs are preparing for 2019

Ironmaking – Steelmaking

Sweden gears up for fossil-free steel production

Nordic steel company SSAB has developed a road map for transition the business to fossil-free production

Raw material handling

Newly developed hybrid feeder for spherical materials

Nickel mattes is extremely difficult to handle as it consists of particles which are almost perfectly spherical, creating challenges for the operator in its reception, interim storage and onward transportation

Continuous casting

voestalpine to upgrade bloom casting mill in Austria making it compatible to Industry 4.0

The group is investing more than EUR 100 million in future-oriented projects at its Donawitz site in Austria

Quality assurance

New technology for classifying the homogeneity of cast products

“HD scan” is a testing solution for centreline segregations of slabs and blooms that overcomes the draw-backs of visual inspection of etched samples

Hot rolling

New rail and section mill started up operations in Kazakhstan

The first rails were produced at the first and only rail manufacturing plant in Kazakhstan

Heat treatment

Cold-rolled steel manufacturer BILSTEIN expands fully automatic batch annealing plant

This batch annealing plant stands out by being the only fully automatic batch annealing plant in the world. Moreover, it is the strongest-performing and most energy-efficient furnace plant of this type

Cold rolling

Advanced plant concept for reduction and skin-pass operations of steel strip

Cold-rolled steel manufacturer BILSTEIN ordered a high-performance plant designed for reduction and skin-pass (RCM/SPM) operations particularly of demanding steel grades

Tube making

Tenaris starts advanced seamless pipe production for the demanding US oil and gas industry

The company invested a total of 1.8 billion US dollars in the Greenfield project, located near the most active shale plays in the United States

Strip processing

New-generation wiping system for more uniform and thinner zinc coatings

The new CXJ wiping system from Danieli Kohler has obliterated the old boundaries for line speed and coating weight while delivering superior quality coated strip products for the automotive industries

Fully automatic strapping and sampling line for steel coils of up to ultra-high-strength grades

Steel grades for welded tube and pipe cover a broad range from soft low-strength to ultra-high-strength steels. It is particularly challenging for the steel producers to deliver coils to the end customers safely

Laura Metaal upgrades cut-to-length line at steel service centre

The Dutch company has successfully modernized the plant in order to be able to process heavier gauge materials, ultra-high strength steel strip and also abrasive hot rolled coils

Contents of the February issue, 1/2018

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20 years of lifting innovation: Combilift on its impressive growth

The leading provider of long load handling solutions has invested Euro 46 million in a new factory building which will be officially inaugurated in the spring. MPT talked with Combilift co-founder and managing director Martin McVicar about the company’s growth since it produced its first truck 20 years ago

Ironmaking – Steelmaking

Deployment of the Hoa Phat Dung Quat integrated iron and steel complex, Vietnam

Hoa Phat Group is erecting a new 4 million t/year integrated iron and steel works at a greenfield site in central Vietnam. Once completed, the new steel mill will produce bar and wire products for demanding applications in the construction sector and also high-quality hot rolled coils

Continuous casting

Formosa Ha Tinh Steel starts up production of billets, blooms and slabs at the new site

Two slab casters and one bloom caster were commissioned within just three days in mid 2017. The billet caster also entered service as soon as the liquid steel production was fully up to speed two months later. The casting plants belong to one of the largest greenfield projects worldwide in recent years

Giant continuous bloom steel caster starts production at Taewoong, South Korea

Taewoong successfully produces dia. 1,000 mm round blooms on a new continuous casting machine. This marks a milestone in the history of continuous casting, as it is the first plant producing dia. 1,000 mm blooms in a bend continuous casting process on an industrial scale

Tube making

Europe’s steel pipe mills increase output against global trend

With the exception of the crisis year 2009, global steel pipe production has only developed in one direction over the past ten years: upwards. This trend seems to have stopped for the time being. However, European steel pipe producers did significantly better

Vallourec uses digital measuring device for optimization of the tube sizing mill

Vallourec has integrated the new inline measuring system CaliView into the line of a plug mill. The system helps to facilitate any corrections of the passes. At the same time, the system will make maintenance more efficient

Cold rolling – Automation

Cloud-based strip flatness information and control

A newly developed quality data solution combined with an advanced flatness control system enables up to 40% improvement of strip flatness

Strip processing

Tosyali-Toyo starts strip production at new cold rolling complex in Turkey

The new cold strip mill enables the company to produce cold rolled products with various surface coatings: tin-plated, hot-dip galvanized and painted strip. It marks the expansion of Tosyali-Toyo into the flat product sector

Contents of the December issue, 6/2017

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International industry news

World Steel Association expects moderate but continued growth for global steel demand

World steel demand is recovering well, driven largely by cyclical factors rather than structural. worldsteel forecasts that global steel demand excluding China will increase by 2.6% in 2017 and by 3.0% in 2018

Company profile

Danieli group to focus on a “New Normal” market

In the financial year 2016/2017, the Danieli group faced again a further decrease in sales for the plant making sector and increased sales in the steelmaking sector. The financial year EBIT is positive albeit lower in both operating segments


Danieli proposes technologies for competing in the New Normal metals consumption period

In early October, 600 decision-makers from the global steel industry gathered at Danieli & C. headquarters in Buttrio near Udine, northern Italy. This four-day gathering of steel industry leaders and experts examined dozens of technologies and trends in the steel business


Lebedinskiy GOK commissioned new direct reduction plant in Russia

The plant will produce 1.8 million metric tons of hot briquetted iron (HBI) per year. The plant completed the seven-day performance guarantee test with 100 percent achievement of performance guarantee parameters


Robotic solutions help improve quality, safety and process performance in steelmaking plants

The Italian company Polytec has installed a total of 100 robotic solutions in steelmaking plants all over the world, becoming a global leader in this field of steel plant automation

Steelmaking – Modernization

Automation system of steelmaking plant successfully upgraded at Hadeed Saudi Iron & Steel

The level 2 process automation system and the level 3 production planning system have been completely replaced and made ready for Industry 4.0. The new process models enable noticeably more efficient steelmaking and refining

Abinsk Electric Steel Works starts up minimill after general overhaul

The modernization included the whole steelmaking plant and the continuous billet caster. Abinsk ESW is now able to produce a wider range of steel grades at reduced conversion costs


Big River Steel’s flat steel complex on its way to become a learning steel mill

Big River Steel has built the world’s first Flex Mill™ combining the most advanced steelmaking technologies and designed to offer steel users access to promising niche steel products

Taking steel production to the next level

MPT talked with BRS chief commercial officer Mark Bula and project manager Axel Sprenger from SMS group about the market prospects and the structure of this next generation steel mill

Hot rolling

voestalpine opens its most advanced wire rod mill

The fully automated plant will produce 550,000 t/year of premium wire rod for the most sophisticated applications in the automotive, energy, construction, and mechanical engineering industries

Contents of the October issue, 5/2017

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Company profile

thyssenkrupp Tata Steel to become Europe’s No. 2 steel producer

Tata Steel and thyssenkrupp signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to combine their respective European steel activities

Raw materials

Environmental protection and energy savings by suitable material handling systems

Today, one of the main goals in optimizing iron and steelmaking processes is the consideration of environmental protection and energy saving also in the handling and conveying of the materials


Severstal prepares for modernization  of one of Europe’s largest blast furnaces

Severstal’s investment programme is focused on the optimization of the integrated iron and steel works in Cherepovets, Russia

Performance and reliability of EnergIron direct reduction plants

The recent developments of the EnergIron technology go well beyond the increase of plant capacity

Project management

Focus on turnkey solutions for the metals industry

Industrial investors and plant operators on the one hand and plant and machine manufacturers on the other will no longer be able to cope with the challenges of the future on their own, given the extreme complexity of requirements


Virtual commissioning saves time and accelerates the production ramp up

Successfully accomplished projects at Austrian steel company voestalpine Stahl GmbH have demonstrated that commissioning times can be markedly reduced by simulating the equipment and functions beforehand – in a “digital factory”

Material flow logistics

Plate handling with a versatile system: twice as fast and doubled storage space

Dutch steel service company De Boer Staal uses a versatile system for offloading stacks of plates from incoming trailers, stacking them in the yard, moving them around the premises, inside and out and reloading for despatch

Coil storage data integrated into the warehouse management system

3tn has integrated the mechanical data of Lankhorst KLP® coil storage systems into its TWMS/metals warehouse management System

Quality assurance

Precise thickness measurement with integrated width determination by means of laser line sensors

An absolute ‘must’ in the production process is highly accurate production monitoring, which can be reliably ensured by the use of laser line sensors

Stressometer flatness control – on a roll for 50 years

ABB highlights the 50 year anniversary of the strip flatness measurement system with a golden jubilee year

Additive manufacturing

 voestalpine globally expands its metal powder activities

The group is investing some EUR 20 million in expanding metal powder production for additive manufacturing at its subsidiaries in Austria and Sweden

3D printing boosts production of spray heads for forging presses

Flexible actuation of individual nozzles paired with fast handling and a homogeneously distributed coolant mist provides various benefits

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