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Continuous casting

New hot strip mills start operations in Rizhao, China

The fourth Arvedi ESP plant started production at Rizhao Steel in April this year. This new casting and rolling plant will produce 1.7 million t/year of high-quality, ultra-thin hot strip with thicknesses down to 0.8 mm and widths of up to 1,300 mm. In December 2017, the neighbouring Shandong Iron & Steel Group Rizhao had commissioned two 2-strand continuous thick slab casters designed to produce 4.6 million t/year of slabs. Another single-strand continuous caster for ultra-wide medium slabs is currently under construction.

Strip processing

New GO electrical steel mill helps ensure nationwide power supply in India

thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel is the first and currently only manufacturer of grain-oriented electrical steel strip in India. The new electrical steel production line has started operations in Nashik (Maharashtra). The modern production facility provides competitive edge in a fast-growing market, i.e. power distribution and power transformers.

Quality assurance

Automatic eddy current inspection of heavy plate detects hard spots on the surface

German steel company Dillinger has launched operation of yet another world first in its heavy plate rolling mill with its new eddy current testing system. Henceforth, with this unique system eddy current will be used to automatically inspect the surface of heavy plate for localized hard spots.

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