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In MPT International your ads not only reach the decision makers in the iron and steel industry worldwide, but also the multipliers who are important for international business.

MPT International is dedicated to inform the top and middle management in metal producing and forming industries as well as the relevant ministries, officials and consultants. In addition to the international English language magazine special issues are published in Chinese, Russian and Portuguese language and now in Turkish language to accompany the economic upswing in the emerging markets: Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Far East Asia and South America.

  • Russian Edition

    9,000 copies, distributed in Russia and Ukraine

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  • Chinese Edition

    9,000 copies, distributed in PR China

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  • Brazil Edition

    9,000 copies, distributed in Brazil

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  • Turkey Edition

    7,500 copies, distributed in Turkey

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  • International Edition

    10,000 copies, distributed in 124 countries

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