Hoa Phat Group speeds up erection of the 4 million t/year integrated iron and steel works in Vietnam

Hoa Phat Steel JSC, a company of Vietnamese Hoa Phat Group, is one of the leading steel manufacturers in the far eastern country. The company was founded in 2007 and started steel production in December 2009. Currently Hoa Phat Steel operates a 2 million t/year integrated iron and steel works in Kinh Mon district, Hai Duong province.

For a few years the company has developed another ambitious expansion project. With the completely new Dung Quat Iron & Steel Complex project, Hoa Phat Steel will add another 4 million t annual steelmaking capacity. The greenfield project will be erected at the Dung Quat economic zone in Quang Ngai province, Vietnam. The area is located in Central Vietnam close to Na Gang city.

In 2016, Hoa Phat Group started construction of the phase 1 project for this new integrated iron & steelmaking complex. Meanwhile, the company placed the orders for some main production equipment with leading international plant suppliers.

Danieli Corus to build four huge blast furnaces

Danieli Corus has been awarded a contract for the design, supply and supervision of four greenfield blast furnaces. The scope of the project also includes the hot blast mains, bustle mains, tuyere assemblies, level 2 automation systems and pulverized coal injection systems.

The four blast furnaces will have a 1080 m³ working volume and are designed for an annual production of 1 million tonnes of hot metal each. The furnaces will be equipped with the Danieli Corus high conductivity cooling and lining design based on copper plate coolers combined with graphite and silicon carbide refractories. This is the only design of which the ability to achieve long and stable campaigns is beyond debate.

The four blast furnaces will be completed and commissioned in sequence, with the fourth being scheduled for delivering the first hot metal in 2019.

SMS group to provide steelmaking equipment for two converter shops

Hoa Phat Group has placed the order for the supply of two converter shops with a consortium consisting of WISDRI Engineering & Research Incorporation Ltd. and SMS group GmbH. The SMS group scope of supply will comprise two converters per meltshop, each of them with a capacity of 120 tons, including oxygen lance systems, converter lining facilities, converter tilt drives and the maintenance-free lamella suspension developed by SMS group. All converters will be equipped with dry electrostatic precipitator (ESP) primary dust collecting systems from SMS group. The converters, trunnion rings, converter tilt drives and parts of the dust collecting system will be manufactured in the SMS group workshop.

Furthermore, the SMS group scope of supply will also include the engineering, supervision of the erection and commissioning activities and training of the customer staff. The converter shop will be equipped with X-Pact® electrical and automation systems.

Commissioning of the first two converters is scheduled for 2018, while converters three and four are planned to be commissioned in 2019. In total, the new converter shop is to produce four million tons of liquid steel per year.

Danieli to supply billet casters and downstream rolling technology

Hoa Phat Group selected Danieli as technological supplier for long products casting and rolling plants and also for the plant automation.

The three 6-strand continuous casters, which will produce billets in a range of 130 to 165 mm, will be equipped with Fast Cast Cube® mould and Hy-Power® oscillation drive system that will guarantee the best performances and the lowest operational costs.

Two new rolling mills from Danieli will be directly connected to the billet casters in order to operate in hot charging mode. The rolling mills are characterized by a high production capacity even when producing small diameters of bars and wire rod.

Rolling mill #1 will produce deformed bars from dia. 10 to 25 mm at 28 m/s, with small sizes on 2-strand rolling mill through the HTC-high-speed twin channel system, and wire rod from 5.5 to 16 mm at 105 m/s. Rolling mill #2 will produce deformed bars from 10 to 40 mm at 44 m/s, with small sizes on 2-strand rolling mill through the HTC high-speed twin channel system, reaching a production capacity of 235 t/h.
The high-speed bar mill #2 is fitted with 16 housingless stands plus two, 4-pass high-speed twist-free finishing blocks and a QTB process for high-tensile deformed bars.
Rolling mill # 1 will have the same characteristics as rolling mill # 2, with the addition of a 6-pass fast-finishing modular block; a QTR process for high-tensile deformed wire rod; a loop-laying head with a controlled-cooling conveyor for wire rod production; a collecting pit, and a vertical trestle transporting system for wire-rod coils weighing up to 3 tons.

Danieli Automation will deliver the complete electrical and automation systems featuring user-friendly interfaces. The Danieli Automation Q-HEAT on-line induction heating system will enable efficient, uniform and flexible temperature control of the Billets.

The Quang Ngai Steel Complex is a major step for both Hoa Phat Steel and the Vietnamese steel industry.