Das Standard-Werk

Die renommierten Professoren Babich, Senk und Gudenau haben ihr Standardwerk von 2008 komplett überarbeitet:

The book provides readers with the structured knowledge on various aspects of ironmaking technologies.

It consists along with the introductory part, dealing with general information about iron and steel manufacture and historical overview, of four parts:

  • Raw materials and their preparation (iron ores, coals, sintering, pelletizing, briquetting, pre-reduced agglomerates, cokemaking)
  • Blast furnace (design, streaming conditions, heat exchange, chemical processes, measurements, modelling, operation efficiency)
  • Direct and smelting reduction processes (classifications, characteristics, definitions, description of individual processes)

Outlook which summarizes trends looking towards the next decade and beyond.
Each chapter is accompanied by the list of references, each part includes environmental aspects and is provided with recommended literature and web resources for further reading.