China: Xining Special Steel restarts three-strand caster

The three-strand, 11-m radius continuous casting machine at Xining Special Steel is back to operation, producing 250 mm · 280 mm high-quality steel blooms, including alloy structural, spring steel, alloy tool steel, gear and bearing steel qualities. Aside from direct sales, the medium blooms are fed to the small bar mill.

The caster was extensively revamped from the tundish area up to (and including) the run-out, and today features all the latest technologies for high-quality production. The main features of the newly installed equipment are the Danieli design mould with external electro-magnetic stirrer, dynamic secondary cooling system, final stirring and Q-Soft package for soft/hard reduction (7 units), and Liquid Pool Control (LPC) model that simulates casting conditions using real-time data. Danieli Automation L1 and L 2 control systems and casting process control also were part of the supply. The liquid steel feeding the caster comes from Danieli-supplied LFs and VD, and the Provisional Acceptance Certificate of the caster was released right after the first heat.

At the same plant, Xining Special Steel is operating another large bloom caster (3-strands, 16.5-m radius), supplied by Danieli in 2013.

Danieli, Buttrio (UD), Italy

First cast after revamp at Xining Special Steel
Photo: Danieli