CMC Steel: First spooled coil made in USA

Top-quality spooled bars in coil “made in the USA, for the US market” are now available from Commercial Metals Company’s (CMC) new micro mill, CMC Steel Oklahoma, located in Durant, Oklahoma.

Danieli K-Spool technology allows the production of hot-rolled, high-quality, perfectly shaped compact coils. These twist-free spooling, high-filling factor, heavy, easy to handle coils are preferred, added-value feeding product of the downstream rebar fabricating industry. CMC’s spooled rebar will be available in sizes from 10 to 19 mm and in 1.5-t up to 4.8-t spools.

CMC Steel Oklahoma is the first endless casting rolling micro mill in the world to produce spooled bars in coils. Outstanding final product quality was produced by CMC from the first coil.

Danieli micro mill technology is a continuous casting and rolling process with a single uninterrupted billet strand from melting to finished product. Danieli micro mills are driven by Danieli Automation advanced 3Q process control systems, including full data analysis and reporting. Due to compact layout, energy savings and advanced process control system, it offers best CapEx and OpEx.


spooled coil „made in the USA“ Photo: Danieli