New Danieli automatic measuring system for LSAW pipes at Cimolai, Italy

Danieli W+K will install a system for automatic measurement of large-diameter pipes at Cimolai works in Padua, Italy, to replace current manual procedures and improve the precision and reliability for longitudinally submerged-arc welded (LSAW) products with ODs up to 2 m (80 inch) and lengths reaching 15 m. The new system will control the straightness and ODs of extra-large pipes in fully automatic mode using a precise, efficient and user-friendly interface.
Technically, pipe straightness is calculated by a set of high-resolution cameras with specific LED lights to indicate when the product is in the static position, while an innovative software allows 3D digitalized pipe imaging; then, straightness is measured on the 3D model of the pipe. OD dimensions are taken using high resolution cameras that read the laser circle projected onto the external surface of the pipe. The internal automatic calibration system substantially eliminates the requirement to feed sample pipes, therefore offering a substantial reduction in setup time. Measurement data can be easily exchanged between the customer’s production management systems via their Ethernet protocols.
Cimolai is a major steel fabricator in Italy and abroad, highly specialized in structural products needed to build bridges and viaducts; industrial, civil, and military structures; off-shore projects and shipbuilding.

Danieli S.p.A., Buttrio

A technological package for accurate, fully automatic control of straightness for extra-large pipes
Photo: Danieli