Steel Research International

Steel Research International is a journal providing a forum for the publication of high-quality

manuscripts in areas ranging from process metallurgy and metal forming to materials engineering as
well as process control and testing. The emphasis is on steel and related metals and on materials
involved in the processing, such as refractories and slags. Examples are given as follows:
Keywords: Process metallurgy, direct reduction, ironmaking, steelmaking, special metallurgical
processes, secondary metallurgy, process simulation, sustainable steelmaking casting, near-net
casting/shaping, hot rolling, cold forming, forging, drawing, mechanical properties, phase
transformation, fatigue, creep, corrosion, heat treatment, welding/joining, machining, materials testing,
numerical simulation
Steel Research International welcomes manuscripts describing basic scientific research as well as
industrial research. The journal is listed in the Science Citation Index and has an Impact Factor of
1.021 (2016 Journal Citation Reports).

Hot Topics

  • High Speed Forming
  • Interstitially Alloyed Steels
  • Recent Developments in Stainless Steels
  • Locally Strengthened Steel Components
  • Electromagnetic Processing of Metals
  • Steels for Automotive Applications

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