Demonstrate your expertise with professional reprints

Take advantage of the excellent reputation of MPT Metallurgical Plant and Technology

Articles published in our journal featuring your company and your technical knowhow underscore your expertise.
Use those articles as an effective marketing tool.
We offer a range of reprinting options in both print and digital form customized to your individual needs.

Original cover page

Focus on competence

Use the original cover page.
An extra text field announces your article.

Alternatively, you may use your own cover photo or advertisement.

Cover page with journal logo

Eye-catching entry

Your article starts directly below the cover page head of the journal.

Corporate cover page

Individual design

The cover page is laid out in line with your corporate design.

Basic cover page

Straight to the point

Reference to the original publication is only made at the top of the first page.

Choose your favourite option

Your reprints may come of the following forms

As a classic print medium

  • printed
  • from 100 copies upwards
  • including copyright for distribution of your printed copies
  • wire binding
  • on request, ring staple binding for convenient filing (20.00 € surcharge)

Digital Internet PDF

  • high-resolution PDF file for high-quality prints
  • for use by a print shop of your choice
  • no limit to number of printed copies
  • unlimited right of reproduction
  • including copyright for distribution of your printed copies

Digital Internet PDF

  • web-compatible file format
  • for use on your website or as email attachment
  • including copyright for publication on the Internet and distribution of your printed copies
  • ideal as a complement to the classic print medium or the print PDF





Wolfgang Locker